Ryszard Orski

Ryszard Orski was born in 1935 in Zakopane. In 1954 he graduated from the local, nationally renowned Kenar School of Sculpture. When he realized that independence as an artist required financial independence, Orski decided to come to the United States of America, where from 1963 to 1968 he worked at the Emil Greco Art Studio in Chicago. He showed his works in salon exhibitions from 1966 through 1972, and was the recipient of several awards. In 1972 Orski was awarded first prize at the 39th Annual Exhibition of the Polish Art Club of Chicago. In 1986, Orski represented Poland at the 42nd International Venice Biennale of Art, then ent on to exhibit in Moscow, Rome, Catania, and in Poland at the Kraków Palace of Art and in Warsaw at the Łazienki Palace. In 1987, the National Gallery of Art in Poznań purchased one of his sculptures for its permanent collection. A citizen of Poland and the USA, Orski lives on two continents and is considered an artist of both nations.

In 2002, Orski realized his dream of building a gallery in Zakopane devoted exclusively to his own sculpture. His output is represented comprehensively, as the artist reluctantly parts with his sculptures; he often executes a replica for his own collection of those he does part with. The Ryszard Orski Gallery has become one of the attractions of Zakopane.

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